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Your Sexual Health 

Know the facts.  Sex is a big deal, make informed decisions. 

When you are sexually active, the greatest concern is pregnancy. While this a something to be concerend about, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are equally important. Some can be cured, some cannot, but many have lifeling effects. 


STDs are diseases that are passed from person to person during sexual activity, (vaginal , oral and anal sex, outercourse, or mutual masturbation).  It is important to remember that not everone infected with an STD will experience signs or symptoms.  But you do not need to show signs to spread the disease.  


The term STIs (sexually transmitted infection) is used to describe an infection in the body, which may not have symptoms. STI is a broader term than STDs.  All STDs are STIs, but not all STIs will become STDs. 

Prevention -

Condoms are not as effective as you have believed, using condoms during sex can reduce the risk of pregnancy and/or STDs but will not eliminate the risk.